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Oregon Chai Concentrate – 1.5 Gallon

Oregon Chai Concentrate – 1.5 Gallon

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Oregon Chai Concentrate – 1.5 Gallon


  • .5 gallon food service bag
  • serving of Original Chai Tea Latte Mix has approximately 35 to 55 mg of caffeine per serving
  • 48 servings
  • Brand: Oregon Chai Store
  • Model: OC10192

Flavor: **Original** | Size: **1.5 Gallon (Pack of 1)**

From the Manufacturer:

If the story of Oregon Chai was a fairy tale, it might go something like
this… Once upon a time, there was a girl who was traveling in a faraway
land. She came upon an old man peddling a drink he called “chai”.

With one sip of the heavenly potion, the girl fell under a magic spell. She vowed to devote her entire life to the delicious cup in her hand. Then a dragon ate her.

It’s all true, except for the dragon. The Oregon Chai story begins with a trek through the Himalayas, a villager selling chai (12 cups in this case), and a return to America where no chai could be found. Kitchen experiments began in March of 1994. The resulting concoction was distinct and delicious.

Traditional chai’s American cousin, Oregon Chai, was born. All it took was four women with a newfound chai passion and an obsessive need to preach the gospel of chai. The underground Oregon Chaif movement was afoot, and in no time demand was high. Staff was hired and the business moved into an office space and things like staplers, tape and Post-It notes were bought. Today,

Oregon Chai is a subsidiary of Kerry, Inc. and strives to remain true to its Oregonian roots and continues to spread its message of peace, tranquility and great taste throughout the country. In fact, Oregon Chai is now available in all 50 states, Canada, Europe and Guam, in cafes, natural food & grocery stores and restaurants. This item is suitable for use by restaurants, professional chefs or industrial foodservice facilities.